Quality Mowers For Fine Lawns

Rear-roller mowers incorporate a roller in place of the rear wheels. This results in a high quality, striped finish to your lawn. At Mowersure we rate Hayter rear-roller mowers extremely highly, both on quality and price. Hayter is a British company that has been “manufacturing the world’s finest lawnmowers for over sixty years”.

The Harrier Range is Hayter’s flagship range of petrol rear roller rotary lawnmowers, professional quality machines known worldwide for both performance and quality. Available in 3 different cutting widths to suit your size of garden, Mowersure recommends the Hayter Harrier for a high quality finish, year upon year.

For Hayter quality on a budget, we recommend the lightweight Hayter Spirit 41, available in either push or self-drive versions.

Which Model is Right For Me?

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Small Lawns

Spirit 41

Small Lawns

Harrier 41

Medium-Sized Lawns

Harrier 48

Large Lawns

Harrier 56

Commercial Mowing

Harrier 48 Pro

Harrier 56 Pro

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